Welcome to my school!

So happy you are here.

When I was little, I always said I wanted to be an artist. Creating made me feel ALIVE! The way it stopped time, and the connection I felt while painting was such a loving feeling, a passion.

Then I got older, I had teachers squelch my use of wild colours, my scribbles, It had to look a certain way, and it became about the product...It became serious. I wanted to be a good girl, so this became deeply ingrained to not fully express myself, to follow along, to stay in the lines, and this wasn't just in art, this was in everything...ugh.

Has that happened to you? Have you been pushed down? Have you been the good girl? Are you longing to express yourself again through color and symbols, words, and marks, but are frozen with maybe fear, or a feeling of being stuck, not even knowing where to start?

I get it.

Thats why Ive created this school.

So you can open the doors of your creativity... So you can start painting and expressing yourself in a different way...

An intuitive way.

From your heart, and soul.

And you will be unearthing so much of yourself that you've forgotten.


I started painting intuitively after taking an online workshop in

2010. Prior to that I was painting from my mind, and ego most of the time.

Intuitive painting changed my life... creating in this way became a prayer, a meditation, and a connection to the higher realms, and my truest self. This is powerful work, and its so fun and nurturing!

I know it is my purpose to now share these understandings, and processes with you.

Through the intuitive painting process you too are going to learn to go deep into your inner knowing, purpose and Joy, discovering your inner artist, and aligning with your genius and guidance.

Thank you for being here.

The power of intuitive painting

Hello Creative one...I thought I'd share a short little video on the power of intuitive painting. Please excuse the vertical filming, I was still learning about the tech stuff. Enjoy.